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a/simmetrie is an association of social promotion registered in the Regional Register of Associations of the Lazio Region (n° 1756). The association is non-profit and the financial statements of its activities are made public through the site. To support its activities you can make a donation (with tax benefits), or allocate the 5×1000.


The 5×1000 of IRPEF can be allocated to/by indicating the tax code 97758590588 and putting your signature in the box Support for volunteering and other non-profit organizations of social activity, social promotion associations,… of the picture Choice of the destination of the five per thousand of IRPEF of the models 730, UNICO and CU (Single Certification issued by employers for employment relationships).


You can donate any amount, and you can make one-time or periodic donations. Periodic donations are very important, because they allow us to better plan our work, ensuring that the association’s operating expenses are covered and facilitating the search for resources for our projects.

With PayPal

You can donate through PayPal.

Remember, you can make the donation monthly by checking the “recurring” box to the right of the amount.

By bank transfer (new coordinates)

On our c/c n. 000003678189 at Fineco Bank, Piazza Durante, n. 11, 20131 Milano (MI), in the name of “Asimmetrie – Associazione italiana per lo studio delle asimmetrie economiche A.P.S.”.

IBAN: IT38B0301503200000003678189

Indicate in the causal “Donation”.

Tax benefits

Legislative Decree No. 117 of 2017 (Code of the Third Sector) provides that for disbursements made in favor of entities of the Third Sector, including also the associations of social promotion (APS) registered in the regional registers, such as the Asymmetry Association, the taxpayer PHYSICAL PERSON, as an alternative, can bring the amount:

  • deduction from gross tax of an amount equal to 30% of the payment made, for a total amount in each tax period not exceeding 30,000 euros.
    (REDDITI PF 2020: lines from RP8 to RP13, code 71)
    (MODEL 730/2020: lines from E8 to E10, code 71)
  • as a deduction from the total net income of the disbursing party within the limit of 10 percent of the total declared income.
    (REDDITI PF 2020: line RP36)
    (MODEL 730/2020: line E36)

The disbursement must be made by bank or postal deposit or ATM, credit cards, prepaid cards, bank checks and bank drafts. The deduction is not due for disbursements in cash.

The incurring of the charge is documented by the receipt of the bank or postal payment or, in case of payment by credit card, debit card or prepaid card, by the statement of account of the company that manages the cards. In the case of payment by check or if it is not possible to identify the beneficiary from the receipt or the statement of account, the taxpayer must be in possession of the receipt issued upon request by the Association.

Donations made by PEOPLE’S COMPANIES and CAPITAL COMPANIES are deductible from total net income within the limit of 10 percent of total declared income.